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Sexual CPR – Reignite The Passion

Sexual CPR – Reignite The Passion

Oh that lovely topic of libido. Isn’s it always an interesting one to discuss? Does your love life lack the passion, spark and sexual intimacy that you enjoyed when you were younger? OR have you always had a very low libido? I discuss libido and hormones in my blog called How to increase libido in women, but if you have not read it, it is important to know that our sexual drive and being able to have an orgasm is much more complex than men. We can actually say that men are right, when they say “we (women) are complicated”. It is a fact that our bodies are COMPLEX but also SPECIAL because we give life. But with that, comes so many hormone changes throughout our life and those changes, along with emotions, stress and diet all play a role in our desire for sex. What we must not do is blame ourselves and feel guilty about it. First of all, there is no REAL definition for low libido or what is considered a high sex drive. If YOU feel like your low libido is affecting your well-being and your life, ONLY then should you investigate further. And I have an interesting option for you that may be worth your time and investment: Sexual CPR by Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Who Is Dr. Anna Cabeca?

Dr. Anna Cabeca - Sexual CPR

I have already discussed the well-known and well-respected Dr. Anna Cabeca in my article called Magic Menopause. This is an amazing program developed by this triple board-certified trained physician and hormone expert. If your low libido is due to menopause, magic menopause or Breeze Through Menopause are two options available as well with Dr. Anna Cabeca. I discuss the details of these two programs in the Magic Menopause blog.

Dr. Anna Cabeca is a certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and also certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

At age 38, Dr. Anna Cabeca was diagnosed with reaching early menopause and told she could never have children again. She did not take this lightly and was challenged by the fact that her expertise in women’s hormonal health could not help her with her situation.

Dr. Anna Cabeca took on this challenge to help herself, and other women because it became her personal mission, to understand the female body and its hormones, so that women could be helped and treated more effectively.

As a result, Dr. Anna Cabeca traveled all around the world, to gather knowledge and experience. She clearly did a fantastic job because by age 42, she had reversed menopause and delivered a baby.

Dr. Anna Cabeca still had another challenge ahead of her. The “weight gain” menopause issue. She admits in many interviews, that she was skeptical when menopausal women would tell her that they were suddenly gaining weight without changing their diet and lifestyle/

Dr. Anna Cabeca, once being over 200 pounds, believed that weight loss was as simple as the calories in and calories out theory. Well to her surprise, at age 48, she hit her second round of menopause and she felt like she was literally gaining weight while she slept.

Dr Anna Cabeca solved this mystery as well, and just last year, Dr. Anna Cabeca released her award-winning book called “The Hormone Fix”. She has written a few other books, all of which have reached top selling on amazon. One that is highly recommended is her book called Keto Over 40 which is key for those of you gaining weight after 40 or around menopause. I will also discuss her book Arousal Secrets For Women Over 35 below which goes hand-in-hand with her Sexual CPR course.

I can go on and on about Dr. Anna Cabeca’s certifications and expertise, because she has just an enormous amount of knowledge and legitimate proof to back up her reputation. For a closer understanding of who Dr. Anna Cabeca is, you can look directly on Dr. Cabeca’s website.

Now let us get back to the juicy topic of SEX!!

Sexual and Pelvic Health

I assume if you are reading this blog, you have some concerns about your sexual health.

Good news:Take this test and in just 2 minutes, you will have a pretty good idea if you are right!

Sexual CPR At A Glance


Product: 4 classes

Cost: REGULAR $497 – SPECIAL $197

BONUS: 4 extra classes if you sign up here sign up here

Rating: 4.5 Star

Why I like this program and chose to share it with you ladies that it includes a combination of physical and psychological aspects.

Answer yourself this? Have you ever REALLY educated yourself about the female genital organs and what is a Gpot? Have you ever REALLY taken the time to understand YOUR own body sexually?

If you have that is awesome and I give you much credit for that! And if you have still have not found the solution, dig deeper with this Sexual CPR class.

It is for women who:

  • are between the ages of 35 and 65
  • have lost interest is sex
  • want to recapture their sensuality and playfulness
  • feel disconnected from their partner
  • love their spouse but don’t feel like having sex
  • experience pain during sex
  • feel like something is “just off”

Here is a breakdown of what you will get on the course:

Class #1 – Call 911! My Sex Drive Has No Pulse!

  • The single most important thing you can do to improve intimacy
  • How to get your man to open up and communicate with you
  • Learn how to love your body — no matter what it looks like!
  • What you can eat to improve your libido (and what foods to avoid)
  • How to set the stage for increased intimacy and sensuality
  • Common conditions that can decrease your libido — and how to fix them

Class #2 – Sexual Resuscitation

  • How your delicate dance of hormones affects your sexual health
  • The types and causes of hormone imbalances that can leave you feeling tired, grumpy, and frumpy
  • How hysterectomy (with and without ovaries) affects your sexual response
  • 7 ways to balance your hormones so you feel happier and more relaxed\
  • 3 ways to naturally turn up the volume on your “sexy hormones”

Class #3 – Anatomy of Sex

  • How we were designed for intense, toe-curling pleasure
  • How to identify the pleasure zones hiding all over your body
  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor so you only pee when you want to
  • The mythic “G” Spot – what it is, where it is, and how to find it

How to recharge your body for “ooh la la” sex!

Class #4 – Orgasm, Oxytocin, and the Brain

  • Why an orgasm a day is better (than an apple) at keeping the doctor away!
  • How stress and PTSD affect your sexual interest, response, and desire, and your ability to connect
  • Top 5 ways to release more of the stress-busting “love hormone”
  • How to achieve orgasm whenever you want!
  • How to optimize your brain for sexual response and desire

There are two videos you can watch for more information. I found a really interesting Pod cast interview with her on a Podcast called Find Your Feminin Fire.

You can also watch this video called the “Girlfriend Gynecologist Interview” and learn firsthand from Dr. Anna Cabeca what this program is about.

What Will this Program Teach You?

  • How to stay present during intercourse
  • Why you do your man a favor when you communicate your sexual needs (and the best way to communicate what you want without hurting his feelings)
  • How you can determine if there might be anatomical issues or hormonal issues behind your low or non-existent sexual response
  • How and why intercourse involves much more than just the penis and the vagina
  • The anatomy of the clitoris and the complexity of the female orgasm (and how to achieve it easily even if you’ve struggled with this your entire life)
  • How to keep your relationship sizzling hot (even after kids and years of marriage)

She believes sexual pleasure can be enjoyed at any age! Your body is

designed for pleasure.

After 10,000+ patient visits Dr. Anna has found the formula to rekindle the

flames of passion and rediscover the joy of a healthy and loving sex life.

Arousal Secrets for Women Over 35


If there is ONE thing I want you to gain from this article is this:

DO NOT believe the lie being told to women in doctor’s offices everywhere, that after 35 years old, that we should feel less passion, less sexual desire and less sensual vitality.

I truly believe this is not true and I think that your sexual health is equally important than our hormonal health and can really change our quality of life. In fact, Dr. Anna Cabeca has said:

“An orgasm a day is better than an apple a day, for keeping the doctor away.”

So in my humble opinion, it is WORTH trying. What have you to lose?

If you would prefer starting with Dr. Anna Cabeca’s eye-opening ebook, you can do so and in this ebook, she shares why a healthy sex life is important to your overall health, and exactly HOW to get your sexual energetic spark back so you can live with joy, passion, and zest again! After 10,000+ patient visits Dr. Anna has found the formula to rekindle the

flames of passion and rediscover the joy of a healthy and loving sex life.

I am certain after this ebook, you will hop on the Sexual CPR course:)

===> Start reading it now <===

4 Bonus Classes


=============>>>Sign up NOW and get these 4 amazing bonuses classes<<<==================

Bonus Class #1 – Better Orgasms Now! with Michelle Alva

Learn how beliefs can sabotage your orgasms, learn simple techniques that can elevate your climaxes to a higher level and MORE!

Bonus Class #2 -Dating After 40 with Lisa Daily

Learn how you know when it’s time to start dating again, and how and when to introduce the new man to the kids.

Learn about red flags to watch out for and what types of dates you should go on and what types you should avoid and more!

Bonus Class #3 – Sexual CPR for Men with Dr. Jeff Life

Learn why erectile dysfunction is an early warning sign of another deadly disease (the #1 cause of death and disability in men!) and tips for your man to “last” longer and MORE!

Bonus Class #4 – Mars + Venus: Starting Over with John Gray

Go through the steps and learn tips for grieving a breakup, divorce, or death of a spouse. Learn about a super inexpensive supplement that can dramatically improve your mood and learn about the benefits and dangers of testosterone replacement therapy. And MORE!

My Final Thoughts On “Our Girlfriend Gynecologist”

I think the question you should be asking yourself is why are you reading this article, and why did you read it until the VERY end?

We all search for things that we need or want on the internet. There is always a purpose or an intention for everything we search for. Most often, if not ALWAYS is to fix a problem we have or to make our life easier or happier.

This particular topic, is not an easy one to solve – picking up a magic product to make us “horny” again is not simple. If it was, then all of us women would have very high libidos.

Let us face reality. Women are WIRED differently. We say that as if it is just an expression, but it is fact. And increasing your libido, in my opinion, requires education and self-exploration.

All I know is that I want you to have not only an expert help you on the matter but also a “girlfriend” who you can feel comfortable with. And based on what I have read, which include the reviews on Dr. Anna Cabeca’s site, on Facebook and on doctor rating sites (such as, she is very much appreciated because of her expertise and genuine compassion.

Dr. Anna Cabeca promises that during this course, you will explore where and when physical and emotional disconnect happens during intimacy and intercourse, and that she will share with you HER personal network of amazing doctors, specialists and teachers who can help you with your specific issues around sexuality.

And all those bonus courses! If you ask me, you have only to gain and prepare for a new sexual beginning but also a time to  reigniite your life!

===========>>>>>> PURCHASE HERE <<<<<<=============

Sexual CPR


Overall Product




Customer Satisfaction



  • Education from an expert
  • 4 bonus courses
  • Will improve overall hormone health


  • Need to share personal sexual desire
  • Time consuming
  • Adapt to lifestyle changes

6 thoughts on “Sexual CPR – Reignite The Passion”

  1. This is interesting! I didn’t know that a course like this existed. It is really comforting that it is coming from someone in the medical field as I feel it will contain a level of expertise that other sources wouldn’t have. I do think it is important that if a woman is experiencing these things that her husband should also participate in the course so that they can learn together and help each other. Working together is best, I think! Thanks for the post!

    • Hello Steve,

      I am so happy to hear that you found this article informative.  Yes her reviews are amazing on every site that I explored. She has taught all around the world, been interviewed on many radio and tv shows. What adds to her expertise is that she is humble and has been through the difficulties herself which makes her more compassionate and understanding. 

      It is amazing to see that more men then women are coming to this site. It shows how men are in fact, really open to learning about the female’s body and health issues and that is amazing.

      If you take the course, please let me know how it goes and how you would rate it:)

  2. I must say that you have done a very good job researching this article, unfortunately I am a man. I did find that there are several things as a man I can do to make sex more fulfilling for my wife than what I have been doing. I went through some of the links to find more information and was surprised to find a link for male sexual CPR this will be good for me to investigate for my own satisfaction and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the article even though I was surprised at the topic. Thank you for bringing much needed information to all of us.


    • Hello Jerry,

      I really do appreciate your comments regarding my post. I am amazed to find many men coming through this site, even though the topics are for women’s heath issues.

      I think this shows that men are open to learning and understanding women. Yes there is a sections dedicated to men in the sexual CPR and I hope it can lead you to a better sex life:)

      Thank you again and hope to see you back on my site one day!

  3. Thanks for sharing such an educative health article.I must say this is the exact article my wife and I will need to enhance our sex drive and to learn more about the libido and how it works. This post is quite awesome.I am surely gonna save this page for reference purposes even as I take advantage of doing these classes.

    thanks best regards.

    • Hello Edahnewton,

      I am so happy to hear that you found this article informative. It is amazing to see that more men then women are coming to this site. It shows how men are in fact, really open to learning about the female’s body and health issues and that is amazing.

      If you take the course, please let me know how it goes and how you would rate it:)


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