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Magic Menopause – Don’t Just Survive Thrive!

I am glad that you decided to come and read this article after having read my blog on perimenopause. In case, you did not read the article, I encourage you to do so, because it really highlights the fact that menopause symptoms are a result of hormone imbalances, a biological process that naturally needs to take place. Although it is helpful to know that having symptoms is not a “diagnosis” or an “illness”, it is hard to not feel helpless when these symptoms can really affect your quality of life. As I mentioned in my other article, perimenopause can start up to 8-10 years before menopause and symptoms can continue until 5 years AFTER menopause, a period called post menopause. If this does not give you a reason to continue reading this article about magic menopause, a possible solution to your long-lasting menopause suffering, I do not know what will convince you!

Do you not think us women go through enough, with monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum depression and post-pregnancy weight? Obviously not, because we also have to deal with menopause, which can last over a decade. On top of that, this is the time in our life when our children our grown, we are looking at retirement and we want to really enjoy life.

Another struggle with menopause symptoms is that the symptoms do not only affect us. Many women experience low libido, depression, irritability and anxiety all of which will affect your relationships around you. So what can you do? Learn from an expert. Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Who Is Dr. Anna Cabeca?

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Dr. Anna Cabeca is a triple board-certified trained physician and hormone expert.

She is a certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and also certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is known as the Functional Medicine guru, and an all-around expert in women’s health! Dr. Anna Cabeca also specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Anna Cabeca has traveled all around the world, to gather knowledge and experience and she also frequently lectures across the world about restorative health and women’s health issues. She also consults and trains fellow physicians in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and functional medicine principles.

What makes Dr. Anna Cabeca special is that her personal journey inspired her to find answers for herself, and has now led to helping hundreds of other women. Dr. Anna Cabeca was diagnosed with menopause at age of 38 and was devastated because she wanted to have children. She made lifestyle adjustments which allowed her to reverse her menopause and have a daughter at age 42, even after being told that she’d never be able to have kids.

Last year, Dr. Anna Cabeca released her award-winning book called “The Hormone Fix” and in one of the interviews she did with “Eye Love the Sun”,  she speaks about this journey of reversing menopause at age 38, and then hitting menopause at 48 again.

In this interview, she also speaks about how she started her nutrition journey when she started gaining weight at 48, even though she was not doing anything different. She admits that when other women in their late 40s would tell her that they were “suddenly” gaining weight, she was skeptical because weight gain is typically due to eating habits so we are usually the cause of our weight gain = calories in calories out. However, in menopause, weight gain is more complex.

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s most recent book, How to Make Keto Work Over 40 is being offered as a sneak peak to new clients.

Making Keto Work After 40

I can go on and on about Dr. Anna Cabeca’s certifications and expertise, because she has just an enormous amount of knowledge and legitimate proof to back up her reputation. But just to give you one last piece of information regarding her credibility, Dr. Anna Cabeca was presented with a very prestigious award called the Alan P. Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in 2017 and in 2018, she was name the Innovator of the Year.

If I want you ladies to consider seeking treatment for probably the most important and impactful health issue in your life, you need to fully trust the provider of this treatment. If this is not enough to convince you, you can look at more details directly on Dr. Cabeca’s website.

The Keto-Green (Keto-Alkaline) Diet

So why I am writing about Dr. Anna Cabeca? I want you to know how she can REALLY help you.

In the “Magic Menopause” course with Dr. Anna Cabeca, you will learn how to modify your diet to keep your urinary pH stay at an optimal “alkaline” level, which is usually about 7 or slightly above. A urine pH that is more alkaline than acidic works to give you more energy, balance your hormones, and help you feel your best.

Having an optimal PH level will also have many other health benefits. For instance it is believed to be associated to lower rates of cancer, diabetes and other metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

In her Magic Menopause program, clients see a 50% or more reduction in hot flashes within the first two weeks of following a keto-green diet.

The Keto-Alkaline Diet will not only help with hot flashes. It will also:

1. Improve your brain function;

2. Help you burn fat;

3. Balance your hunger-related hormones such as insulin, leptin and ghrelin, to decrease your cravings.

4. Boost your sex drive – this because vitamin absorption is optimized on this keto-green diet, and vitamins such as vitamin D, a precursor to sex hormones will be absorbed better,

5. Maintain steady energy levels.

6. Balance Blood Sugar Levels

7. Improve your sleep through balancing of hormones, specifically serotonin, melatonin, and cortisol to improve sleep.

8. Lead to a reduction of joint pain, back pain, and any other inflammatory conditions because of the healthy anti-inflammatory fats with rich alkalizing foods.

Now you may be thinking to yourself – “I can just follow a keto-diet on my own”. Well there are 2 very important things to consider:

1. Following a keto diet after the age of 40 can acually be detrimental for a women. Dr. Anna Cabeca’s keto-alkaline diet is a “tweak” on the straight forward keto diet, making is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE long-term.

2. You will be provided with the urine PH test strips, so you are not guessing or having to just assume the diet is working for you.

We all know that everyone is different, our bodies may react more quickly or more slowly. This is what allows for this course to be PERSONALIZED so that the right adjustments can be made if needed.

But again, if you do not want to commit to a course, you can always order her book Making Keto Work After 40.

If you would like to get a meal plan in minutes, to see if this diet can work with YOUR lifestyle, click here.

7 Week Magic Menopause Program

Breeze-Hot Flashes-Menopause

What Is Included In The “MAGIC MENOPAUSE” Program?

1. Seven (7) video modules + workbooks.

The workbook includes the highlights from that week’s video as well as your shopping list, recipes, and homework assignments for that week.

2. Every week ( 7 total ) live group coaching calls with Dr. Anna Cabeca

3. Twice (2x) a week coaching with Dr. Cabeca’s personal nutrition team

4. A Facebook group for support

5. Products to support client success

  • Mighty Maca super food drink mix
  • 0g Sugar vegan protein shake mix
  • Ketone/pH urine test strips
  • Stainless steel shaker cup
  • Smartphone app to track key metrics
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Physical recipe book

COST: $697 In my opinion, just the products alone have a value of over $150. Then typically, a one-on-one appointment with a nutrition specialist costs over $100/hour and with this program you have 7 of them, plus coaching 2x a week with Dr. Cabeca’s team.


Many women have been following and learning from Dr Cabeca and there are outstanding reviews from her “The Homone Fix” best selling book, to her Maca and Julva hormone supporting products and her other books that she has written.

Remember you also get free products mailed to you in this program. Here are some reviews I have found on the Facebook Page. There are many more and some on her website that are free for everyone to see.

Testimonial -Dr.Anna Cabeca

Testimonial-Dr Anna Cabeca

testimonial-Dr Anna Cabeca

testimonial-Dr Anna cabeca

Are You A Candidate?

This program is for you if you are suffering from any of these symptoms of menopause:

  • Hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia
  • Gaining weight that you can’t seem to lose
  • Dragging through the day with low energy
  • Can’t focus and can’t remember things like you used to
  • Struggling to stay in a good mood
  • Suffering from zero sex drive

Should You Join?

Nothing to Lose – Free 10 Day Master Class

If you are still not convinced to join the full Magic Menopause Course, you have nothing to lose by signing up for this Free 10 day on-line master class called “Breeze Through Menopause”.

Dr. Anna Cabeca really wants to reach as many women out there and therefore has developed a completely HYPER-personalized 10-day program just to get you started.

This is being offered for FREE, and the regular value is $197.

What Is Included in the Free 10 Day Master Class

1. Take a short assessment to measure your menopause symptoms.

2. Each day for 10 days you watch a short video and eat the delicious, hormone-balancing meals Dr. Anna recommends.

3. At the end of the 10 days you take the assessment again to measure how much your symptoms improved.

Watch some videos… eat some delicious foods…learn about the secrets of the keto-green diet and watch your menopause symptoms dramatically disappear. Sound good? And did I mention it is FREE?

It is a super INTERACTIVE program and still a personalized and intimate approach with Dr. Anna Cabeca, who will be completely in your corner.

It’s that easy! In just 10 days you could drop a dress size and feel like a new person.

==> For 10 full days, 24/7, you have free unlimited access to these videos.

“Don’t just survive, THRIVE!”

Breeze Through Menopause-Dr Anna Cabeca

I am going to be really blunt and honest. This is the first review I have ever written. So what does that mean? That I have no idea what I am doing? LOL That could be I guess. But in fact, this first review means A LOT to me because my site is new, and I too, have a reputation that I am starting to build. So if I start directing my new followers to a product that is a scam or that is ineffective, I will lose what I am working for – which is creating a site to help women.

It is a FULL TIME job, tolerating those ‘normal’ hot flashes, bouts of insomnia, headaches, weight gains, days of depression, and weird, wacky, and wild instability? Forget trying to reconnect with loved ones, feeling happier, or losing that extra weight when you’re just trying to survive!

I have not been through menopause, but for those of you have read my previous blogs, I have suffered from major hormonal imbalances due to PCOS and I know the real deal of feeling emotionally exhausted.

The good news is, you don’t have to “just survive”. You can thrive with Dr. Anna Cabeca’s completely personalized 10-day masterclass called Breeze Through Menopause. I am positive that if you are still skeptical with trying any product to help balance your symptoms, this free day course will take you on such an amazing journey, you will continue and take her 7 week course.

I really encourage you to start with the 10 days FREE “Breeze Through Menopause” and take advantage of a personalized DAILY lesson that she has specially developed to get your mind, body, and spirit back on track.

If IT’S ABOUT TIME to start…

⏰ Being happy with your body

⏰ Losing 7-8 lbs

⏰ Focusing on self care

⏰ Connecting more with your family

⏰ Getting better sleep

⏰ Having more energy

==>  ==> Check out her 10-Day Masterclass, Breeze Through Menopause NOW – You have already suffered too long.

And PLEASE, let me know how it goes by sending me comments below. And of course, if you still have questions and concerns please send them my way.

I can also communicate directly with Dr. Anna Cabeca’s team for very specific inquiries:)

Breeze Through Menopause


Overall Product




Customer Satisfaction



  • FREE!!
  • Expert In the Field
  • Personal Assessments Of Symptoms


  • None! Nothing to Lose!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a concise article.menopause is something that has really call for concerns in the women folks,it is important to know the signs which one may experience when approaching menopause,some of those signs are:Pain circumstances: can occur during sexual intercourse
    Whole body: fatigue, night sweats, osteoporosis, hot flashes, or sweating
    Sleep: early awakening or insomnia
    Menstrual: absence of menstruation or irregular menstruation

    • Hello Edahnewton. Thank you for your comments and for reading my article. It is great to also see men, taking the time to read about menopause because it is a life changing event that last several years. 

      You are right, understanding and recognizing the symptoms can go a long way to better deal with the situation.

      Thank you again,


  2. The services offered by docotr anna cabeca seems to really help. for 19 days free we can,

    Take a short assessment to measure your menopause symptoms.
    also, Each day for 10 days you watch a short video and eat the delicious, hormone-balancing meals Dr. Anna recommends.
    and finally At the end of the 10 days you take the assessment again to measure how much your symptoms improved.

    • Hello Smoochi,

      Thank you for your comments and for reading my article. 

      Just to clarify, the free master class is 10 days long, not 19. But in my opinion, it is still worth the it because you can learn a lot of tips and you would most likely see improvement with menopause symptoms.

      Thank you again,


  3. Hello i must say that i am amazed at this website. there is so much attention to detail and this article that you have created on magic menopause is nice. this is a source of inspiration to most women out there i would like to share this article to a group of women. may i? thank you very much

    • Hello Kirkman,

      Of course that would be wonderful as I am tryng to share information that can help women so please do share the information.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and most importantly, wanting to share and help women:)


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