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Best Pregnancy Journal – A Review

Best Pregnancy Journal  – A Review

Journal Your Highs and Lows During Pregnancy

So I have always been a “periodic” or “selective” journaler. I have only ever purchased journals when I travel, because I always associate traveling as a time to “find myself”, “find inner peace” and “explore my inner desires”. Ya I know….that is all pretty corny right? Did journaling work for me to answer these doubts and questions? Well I can say that each time I look back at my travel journals, it really takes me back to the mindset I was in during that time. What is most interesting is that it amazes me that my search for answers to these  “life’s questions” were right in front of me. I actually knew what I wanted and it was clear in my writing but obviously, not clear in my mind, because my emotions were clouding my judgement. Sometimes in the moment, we do not see what is clearly right in front of us.

I always have every intention to continue journaling when I get back to reality, but then I let life take over and do not seem to even find a few minutes in my day to write a things down in a journal. Well, with this big milestone in my life,  being pregnant for the first time, and especially that it happened so suprisingly, I want to capture all my emotions and experiences throughout this pregnancy. For those of you ladies who are new to my pregnancy blog, if you would like to know a little more on my story and why this pregnancy is a blessing in my life, you can start with this article.

I hope journaling throughout my pregnancy will motivate me to continue journaling even after my first child is born. Life will never be that same now and I know that I will change once I hold my baby for the first time. Learning to be a mom will come with its challenges and I would love to start a series of journals. I went on a hunt to find the best pregnancy journal and here, I will share the ones I think are the most interesting and I will also reveal which one I decided to purchase.

Top 9 Journals

Health Pregnancy Journal*Soft Cover

*Inspirational quotes for food cravings, fears and doubts

*Pregnancy tips and week-by-week guidance on what changes to expect

*Open space to record your private thoughts

*204 Pages

4.5 STAR
Baby's First Year
Memories For Life
Baby's-First-Year*Hard Cover

*Record your experiences before baby is born until 1st bday

*Memories from the planning of baby arrival to the 1st bday.

*Month-by-month for all the major milestones and developmental accomplishments

*Healthy recipe tips

*64 Pages

3.5 STAR
Present, Not Perfect For PregnancyBest-Pregnancy-Journal*Soft Cover

*Focused on staying mindful even during challenging times.

*Practical tips to focus on the present.

*120 Pages

40ish Weeks, A Pregnancy JournalBest Pregnancy Journal*Soft Cover

*Is for someone who wants to write lots.

*Many blank pages for notes and daily entries.

*Not the typical "girly" journal.

*Can attach photos.

*Divided into 3 sections for each trimester.

*128 Pages

Waiting in Wonder*Hard Cover

*Religious journal for Christians/Catholics

*More about bible verses and staying with God than about writing

*400 Pages

4.5 STAR
Pregnancy Companion - A Faith-Filled Guide For Your Journey In MotherhoodBest-Pregnancy-Journal*Soft Cover

*Combines religious, medical and information.

*Written by Dr. Rupe and Jessica Wolstenholm.

*Divided into chapters that deal with each month of pregnancy.

*Discusses the physical aspects and emotional side of pregnancy.

*239 Pages
4.5 STAR
Bump To BirthdayBest-Pregnancy-Journal*Hardcover and Soft Cover Options

*Pregnancy and 1st year baby journal combined.

*1st year section is about "1sts" for the baby's development

*Week- by-week information on the developing bump

*Space to record your own personal journey
and to add photos.

*160 Pages

3.5 STAR
The First Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal - : Monthly Checklists, Activities, & Journal PromptsBest-Pregnancy-Journal*Soft Cover

*trimester-by-trimester guide.

*Questions to guide your journaling.

*Keep track of your prenatal appointments and essential to-do check-lists.

*Fun activities.

*168 Pages
Bump-To-JoyBest-Pregnancy-Journal*Ring-bound - Soft and Hard Cover Option

*Guided journal is arranged by trimester

*Checklists and fill-in-the-blanks

*Space for 32 photos, 5 pockets for extra photos and mementos, space for over 40 weeks of personal notes

*Pregnancy facts and helpful tips



Pros & Cons

If you want to really get a bang for your buck, the first 3 journals are from Book Outlet, which is an online shopping store that has books that may have a slight defect, may have been returned by a customer, or are books that were in excess from other merchants. Unfortunately, unlike Amazon, there are no customer reviews to get an idea of the pros and cons of each book, but can I say that most of the books are priced under $7.00!!! Yes, and some under $5.00. And if you order for over $45.00, shipping is free. Take a look at their site because for $45.00, you can buy over 6 books, and they can all be for the baby when he/she is born.

Of the 3 from Book Outlet, I would definitely go with the Healthy Pregnancy Journal.  This Journal has just over 200 pages, which is really rare, and at a price of less than $8.00, you will not find this elsewhere. This book has a balance of everything: lots of space for you to document your personal feelings, emotions, appointments and more. There are lots of tips regarding the pregnancy, the baby’s development, and how to stay healthy emotionally, physically and sexually. There is space for photos, magazine clippings and more. In my opinon, this book has it all at an incredible price.

The two books: Baby’s First Year Memories For Life and Bump To Birthday, include a pregnancy journal and the whole 1st year of being a mom. This is great for someone who does not want to write a lot because in order to combine almost 2 years of experiences in less than 150 pages, there is not enough room to be very detailed. The reviews from these books also clarify that these books are mostly to highlight very specific moments and all the “first” moments during your baby’s 1st year of life. If you want a journal for the “highlights” rather than one to really journal your thoughts and what is on your mind on a daily basis, then these books would be for you. I would see them more as a memoire thana journal.

Present, Not Perfect For Pregnancy and 40ish Weeks A Pregnancy Journal are for those who want to focus more on being present, sorting through their emotional ups and downs of pregnancy and for those who need to journal through challenging and/or emotional times. These books still allow the opportunity to document the important highlights of pregnancy, from ultrasounds, appointments, symptoms etc, but also gives a lot of liberty and room to write what is on your mind.

The two religious-focused journals are Waiting in Wonder and The Pregnancy Companion. These two guide you through your pregnancy using bible verses. Both are very thick books, with 400 pages and 239 pages, respectively. Despite the numerous pages, reviews emphasize that these books are appreciated for the hope it gives, for the faith it gives and for the reminder that God is helping you and your baby rather than being journals for your personal thoughts. The Pregnancy Companion is also unique, as it is written by two different women and the reviews highly rate this book due to the medical content and the emotional content written from the 1st hand experience of a women who had a challenging pregnancy.

The First Time Pregnancy Journal and Bump For Joy Journal are comparable, as they have close to the 150 page range and they focus on tips and checklists during your pregnancy and provide guidance and cues on what to journal throughout each trimester. The Bump For Joy also has a ring-bound cover, which can be easier to write in when on the go, and easier to keep pages open.

My Personal Pick

I was really torn between the Healthy Pregnancy Journal, The Pregnancy Companion and Bump For Joy. I know that I enjoy writing and wanted to choose a book that gave me enough free space to do that, but I also wanted to have some tips and guidance throughout my pregnancy because this is my first time pregant and I to be quite honest here, I feel lost. I constantly have so many questions, and so I wanted a journal that would provide some useful information.

I decided to go with the Healthy Pregnancy Journal because it has over 200 pages and there are pages for your personal story but also lots of tips to guide you along the way. It was also amazing that I ordered the journal along with 5 other children’s books, all for $45. I will give the other books as a gift to a friend of mine who is a teacher and she LOVES collecting books for her classroom.

Tell me if you have a pregnancy journal and/or if you plan to get one:)



12 thoughts on “Best Pregnancy Journal – A Review”

  1. Hello, Thank you so very much for this wonderful review on the best pregnancy journal. Congratulations on your first pregnancy. I have always loved taking jotting down all my experiences during pregnancy and I really love the first time Mum’s pregnancy journal and will love to purchase one from Amazon. Thanks.

    • Hello Joy,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes it is an amazing feeling being pregnant for the first time. Even though I am not even done my first trimester, everything seems to change instinctively without you knowing it.

      How many children do you have? Were your pregnancies difficult? I am so excited for the journey and I know life will change completely. But it is time and I have found the right person to raise a child with so that makes it less scary. 

      I want to be able to look back and remember all the little things that I went through emotionally and I think all women should do the same:)

      Thank you again!

  2. I have been curious about pregnancy, I know this might sound funny to people .let say am kind of scared about getting pregnant because of the pain I see women go through, especially when a woman had her twins right in my presence. But seeing these journals, I will definitely look them up to see if they will help me with the fears. 

    thanks for the post

    • Hello there! Thank you so much for your comment.

      It does not sound funny at all. Pregnancy can be scary as it completely changes your life.

      I will be writing a pregnancy blog throughout my 9 months of pregnancy so please feel free to follow and hopefully, I can make the experience sound more exciting than scary!

  3. You did a great job writing a review about pregnancy journals. Sharing personal experience is sometime what most ladies will look forward to, especially from ladies experiencing their first pregnancy.

    The different books under review are also good to maintain companionship and increase awareness to various signs that comes with it. I think it is ideal to start with the Healthy Pregnancy Journal and maybe later, or for a second pregnancy, go for The Pregnancy Companion.

    Thanks for sharing this review, it has helped me to learn about how ladies feel during their first pregnancy.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Yes it is an amazing feeling being pregnant for the first time. Even though I am not even done my first trimester, everything seems to change instinctively without you knowing it.

      I am constantly looking for answers to my questions and I want to be able to look back and remember all the little things that I went through emotionally and I think all women should do the same:)

      Thank you again!

  4. Journaling throughout pregnancy is a great way to keep the mind occupied and sharp and as such you can’t go wrong with the right journal. I agree that the pricing for the first few journals is pretty outstanding, which makes for less of a risk considering there are less reviews. Good to know that ordering over $45 worth will get you free shipping and I also agree that Healthy Pregnancy Journal looks like the best choice as I like the idea of inspirational quotes and it looks like there is plenty of space inside. Another one that I like is Waiting in Wonder because I know some people who are into the Bible and its verses. I think any of these will make for a great gift, and I will save your post for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks and well done!

    • Thank you so much Pentrental for reading my article and sharing some feedback. 

      Yes I almost ordering waiting in wonder as well, but I wanted more place to write because I feel like I need to clear my mind and writing stuff helps me a lot.

      It would definitely be a great and useful gift for someone you know. Thank you so much for bookmarking my post:)

  5. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, I think that it is just as equally important for us men to understand the topic at hand to put us in a better position to know what our wives go through doing this time in their lives which is so crucial. Sure as a dad to be we are proud but it is the women that go through the pain and the ups and downs of carrying this load. Thanks so much for your review and the information you have provided.

    • Thank you Normand very  much for reading my post and taking the time to comment. You are absolutely right and I love that so many men seem to be willing and open to learn more about women´s hormone health and pregnancy experience. It will make a huge difference for your wife I am sure, that you are empathetic with her during the ups and downs of pregnancy.

      Thank you again!

  6. Hello there! these journals are super beautiful and I also prefer the Bump to joy. I have researched a few journals before I chose this one for my wife and I purchased it as soon as I found out that my wife was pregnant because I wanted her to capture all that she was feeling through out the pregnancy.

    Fortunately, it worked out!

    • Hello Chimmhogevagreenesnr,

      That is really great that you ordered one for your wife. It is a very kind gesture and one that I am sure she really appreciated.

      I received my Healthy Pregnancy Journal and love it so far! I hope that the Bump For Joy is great as well.

      I wish you and your wife a very safe and healthy pregnancy. 



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