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Hello to all women out there who have taken the time to look at my page. I am a 37-year-old Canadian female who loves to be active, to travel and often indulges in red wine. Coming from an Italian background, food and wine have always been a huge part of my social family upbringing. I never really considered my diet and in fact, until my mid-twenties, I ate whatever and whenever I wanted.

Things changed in October 2008, because I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Due to my lack of knowledge regarding food alternatives and that this disease was not as common a decade ago, my reaction was extreme. I mean my daily meals included pasta, toast, cereal and lots of sugary sweets and during all that time, I believed I was just “lucky” to be able to keep a slim figure. This goes to show that most often as women, we judge ourselves solely based on our physical appearance because social media today is filled with women doing whatever it takes to have the “perfect body”.



Before being diagnosed with celiac disease, I was in reality, extremely unhealthy.  The reason I maintained a slim figure was because I had so much damage to my intestines, that I was unable to absorb the nutrients I was putting into my body. This called for huge changes in my lifestyle and I needed to EDUCATE myself on alternatives and learn to cook more often, spend more money on whole foods and be able to resist temptations during social events with friends and family. I mean, who doesn’t grab that piece of bread as soon as it is served at a restaurant while you are waiting for your food? I remember I used to stare and be so tempted to eat the bread and even be upset that I had celiac disease, when in reality, I was blessed because I had CONTROL over my situation.

Over the past 10 years, as I tried different diets, trained extensively, did a fitness competition, worked crazy hours including shift-work and after making many chnages, I realized that sometimes LESS IS MORE. As women, we need to understand everything we do has a huge impact on our hormones. I struggled with extreme fatigue, adrenal dysfunction, digestion issues, bloating and lack of menstrual cycle. I was so focused on the physical results, I was blind that my extreme discipline with eating and fitness was having negative effects on my well-being.


This alternative lifestyle path that I started in 2008 has lead me through a journey of self-love, self-respect, self-control and self-discovery. This journey continues today as the world is ever evolving and there is always new information to be learned, new fad-diets being encouraged and we must take self-responsibility to know what is right for our mind and body.

I wanted to create this page to be able to share as much information with my fellow women out there, who want to take control of their own health. As cliché as it sounds, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and there are way too many factors that affect our hormones and no one solution “fits all”.

I want to fill this site with links not only for products to purchase, but more importantly articles and workshops and other resources, that can help us understand the complex nature of hormone imbalance so we can make the best decision for ourselves. We can not expect to feel better without putting in the effort or just taking a medication that a doctor prescribed without understanding the root of the problem.

There are also many health coaches out there and myself I have coached several women in the past. As health coaches, there is a huge responsibility to maintain a high level of understanding which becomes very difficult because life is busy and there are so many sites out there.

Please ladies, join and follow this site and let us work together. I want this site to become INTERACTIVE because we all have different experiences and knowledge and no matter what, we can all learn from each other. Let us help each other heal from the inside out, and in return, BE LIFE READY & MIND READY.

CYNTHIA – Founder of Balance Your Hormones Balance Your Life

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