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11 weeks pregnant belly

11 Weeks Pregnant Belly

I am back ladies and yes, I skipped over week 10. The weeks do really fly by and personally, between weeks 9 and 10, I did not feel any big changes. For those of you tuning in for the first time, I just started a pregnancy blog 5 weeks ago when I discovered I was six weeks pregnant, and very surprised by the news. If you would love to hear my story from the beginning, feel free to read my first blog called Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms. I have also discussed early signs of a miscarriage, healthy food tips to combat cravings during the 1st trimester and my insecurities about having a 9 weeks pregnant belly! So obviously, the pregnant belly started at week 9 and today, I have an 11 weeks pregnant belly.

There is good news and bad news regarding my update over the past 2 weeks. Good news is that I do not think there has been much of a change since 2 weeks ago. What so you think based on my selfies? The bad news is that I am very disappointed in myself for how I have been handling my cravings. I have not been good at following my own advice. This working from home because of the pandemic is not helping at all. Being in self-isolation since March 19 makes it over 2 months now and I combined with hormone rage, I am reaching for the nachos and very high carbohydrate based foods.

I know I am eating over 2000 calories a day. I know it is all relative to what we usually eat pre-pregnancy and I know I have always had a high calorie intake because of the intense training and lean muscle mass I have. But I also know that my home workouts are far less intense than before, I have stopped running (I want to wait until I pass my 1st trimester safely) and I have lost a lot of muscle mass since last year, due to a shoulder surgery and my 6 months of traveling.

Anyway I am sorry ladies but I needed to vent! LOL I am still experiencing pregnancy insomnia and my eyes burst open between 5h00 to 5h15 am each morning. My sleep tip which I discuss in my article, to switch sleep location does help 50% of the time, where I manage to get on average 1 extra hour of shut-eye if I move to the couch, but it doesn’t work all the time. I will look into some natural remedies before seeing my doctor in 2 weeks and discussing them with her. I will share with you what I learn in case you are suffering as well.

OK so what is going on during week 11?

Your Baby At Week Eleven

11 weeks pregnant belly - baby size


Our baby is still very tiny, and is equivalent to the size of a strawberry or a fig, averaging 4 cm long and weighing about 7 grams. A good reference is also the length of your thumb!

Still extremely tiny, it is definitely an amazing miracle that even at this size, all the parts of the body, both inside and out are developed.

Body Parts

  • Has tooth buds
  • Has fingers and toes that are no longer webbed and now separated
  • Fingernail and toenail buds are developing
  • Hair follicles are in place
  • Nipples are visible on the chest
  • Some bones are beginning to harden
  • Head is still disproportionately larger than the body
  • All facial bones are formed with a clearly defined jawline
  • Skin is still transparent but starting to thicken
  • Baby is learning how to move his or her tongue, by learning to yawn, swallow and chew.
  • Baby’s heart beat is at 12 to 160 heart beats per minute
  • And although we feel absolutely nothing, our baby is already a little gymnast, moving a lot already but he or she is too tiny for us to feel it.Again, I am so amazed by the advanced development of a baby when still so tiny. I mean I really had no idea. Before becoming pregnant, I never really took interest to learning about pregnancy stages for both the mother-to-be and the baby’s developmental stages. I can see how a mother-to-be starts to develop such a love and connection for their child before they are even born, as they learn and foster and carry their baby for 9 months. It is such a blessing.

What Changes For You?

11 weeks pregnant belly

I am sure most of you (of course we are all different), have lost weight during these weeks because you have had no appetite and have been dealing with nausea and vomiting. Well good news is, these symptoms should be slowly disappearing, and you should start to have an appetite again.

Which of you ladies have been going through an extreme hunger period like me? I described in my 9 weeks pregnancy belly how I was worried that my belly was so big because of my huge increase in hunger, despite the nausea. I have not vomited at all, but I am eating constantly. Well that is still going on and I am not expecting it to change. I am really just trying to find a way to make the right choices, and hopefully that will become easier as my food aversions go away. Seems like all I have been craving is high carbohydrate items.

Unfortunately though, food aversions and cravings can last until the 4th month of pregnancy!! But nausea and vomiting are usually completely gone by week 12 and 13, so do not despair!

Stomach, Belly & Abdomen

Even though your belly or abdomen area may be looking thick and even protruding a little, you may not look pregnant but instead look like you have gained some weight – this is the “not so cute” period of pregnancy! LOL You may also just look more “curvy”. Use this to your advantage lady and get yourself some clothing that shows off the curves! I know right now I am living in leggings, because I feel less “full” and I feel most comfortable.

What else is not so cute, is your constant need to burp and “burp” from the other end if you know what I mean yup gas all around. Why is that? One guess ladies… our hormones! In this case, it is progesterone that relaxes our muscles in our digestive tract because it wants to slow down the digestion of food so that the nutrients get to your baby slower.

So the horrible feeling of a bloated belly, is a really good thing for your baby and unfortunately this feeling will get progressively worse as your stomach grows, because there will be less space and more pressure on the digestive tract.


Do not be surprised if you get those pimples you once had when you were a teenager. Another common skin occurrence are rashes.

11 weeks pregnant belly - pregnancy glowThere is GOOD NEWS in regard to skin changes during pregnancy. I am sure you have heard the expression PREGANCY GLOW? This is actually not a myth and is the result of physiological changes.

People may start thinking you “look” different, even though they have no idea you are pregnant. This is because”

  • Your skin looks shinier, due to your skins glands producing more oil – this is due to the high levels of hormones.
  • The blood production in your body increases up to 50% during pregnancy. It is believed that this increase in blood production brings more color to your face and makes your face look more full and alive.

This is one of the few symptoms that women really appreciate during pregnancy so take it in and enjoy it!!


Ladies I am so tired, but it is because I have pregnancy insomnia. I just need to take a couple of 30 min power naps throughout the day to feel fully functional to get through my work day.

Where you have pregnancy insomnia or not, you will feel very low energy because you body is working extremely hard, not only for your developing baby, but also the placenta is now being formed.

Like if you REALLY think about this, the placenta is actually and organ that is developing inside of you. Isn’t that amazing? Our body is making a baby and an organ. Now that can not be easy. So of course you enjoy your shut-eye these days and that is only normal.

The placenta will provide oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby and removes waste products from your baby’s blood and it does so through the umbilical cord.

What can you do to help with your fatigue? Take a nap if necessary but as I suggested in my insomnia article, time your naps rights and do not make them too long because this may prevent you from sleeping at night further. Also, as much as you may not feel like it, exercise can help a lot by giving you a boost in energy; even if it is just going for a walk. If you feel low energy and not necessarily tired, carbohydrates provide you major source of energy, but be sure to not eat foods that have high glycemic index (GI), because this will spike your blood sugar.

You can see a list here, for foods with a low GI, which by definition are foods that have a GI of 55 or less. Generally, most fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, minimally processed grains and low fat dairy foods have a low GI.

Sex Drive

This varies from women to women, it all depends on how hormones affect you and how nauseous you feel. Do not feel worried or guilty if you do not feel in the mood, and rest assured, there is usually a huge burst in libido when 2nd trimester roles around.

Medical Appointments

11 weeks pregnant belly - ultrasound

You should have this week, or in the next week, an ultrasound and blood test. This ultrasound will be very exciting as for most, it is the first one and you will get to see and hear your baby for the first time.

I have my ultrasound in less than 1 week, and I am supposed to be 12 weeks and 1 day. As I explained in my 9 weeks pregnancy belly article, I am going for a special ultrasound called Nuchal Translucency. Read my article here for more information.

If you are pregnancy along with me right now, you may be in the same situation due to the Covid 19 pandemic, where your husband or the father-to-be is not allowed to attend any of your medical appointments. This makes me sad, as it is our first pregnancy (and I am really not sure if I will want a second!) and I would love to experience this with him. The social isolation is slowly being lifted, but I am not sure if he will be able to come.

11 Weeks Pregant Belly – Better Times Ahead

Many positive things come with week 12 of pregnancy, which is just around the corner. We have passed the critical period where changes of miscarriage are high. We will no long feel sick and can enjoy eating, going out and socializing again. You will start to look pregnant, rather thank look fat or bloated. You will have more energy, and return to more frequent workouts or activities, which is very important for a healthy pregnancy, easier delivery, easier postpartum weight loss and increases your emotional well-being throughout your pregnancy. It is known that the 2nds trimester is the most enjoyed part of pregnancy because you enjoy the look of being pregnant and you enjoy how you feel because you are not so big where it becomes uncomfortable and exhausting. So tough it up ladies if these past few weeks have been difficult. You are literally days away from starting a whole new chapter of pregnancy, and it will be the best chapter in your pregnancy story. Make sure you are journal your experience so you can look back at this one day.

Please ladies, share your experience with me and other pregnant women. We are all different so we can learn from other and feel supported and not alone when we know we are not the only ones going through specific symptoms.

Also, if you have any specific topic in mind that you would like me to write about, please jot that down below as well:) Until next time my 11 weeks pregnant belly friends!






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